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The madness of CNY this year started really fast this year and as usual, I often find myself out of time in the midst of the madness. I like to bake for my loved ones because I believe home-baked goodies are much healthier because you know what goes into them. This year, I plan out my CNY preparation rather early and was all raring to go. The plan would allow me to have ample rest despite the madness. I even worked out the plan without compromising on my tuition schedule and the kiddos’ study schedule. But like the chinese saying, 人算不如天算 (God’s plans supercede our own), my plans were once again thrown out of the window (I seem to be having issues with keeping to plans these days).

Last weekend (1 week before CNY), the Mr fell ill suddenly. He was practically in bed the whole weekend, with very little appetite. He complained of tummy bloated-ness and body aches. Immediately, things like dengue, zika came to my mind. Then Monday came, thinking that after the weekend’s bed rest probably helped, he went to work, only to have to return home midway. Once again, his body was aching and his head was throbbing. That very Monday afternoon, little K came home and her temperature suddenly rose. She was also unusually lethargic. The lethargy went on for 3 days together with her yoyo fever with the whole package of stuffy nose, cough and sore throat. The Mr was given a few days MC for the aches and then finally, fake measles and little K missed 3 days of school, including her school’s CNY celebration. So, there you go, my plans to go workout to burn all my pre-CNY fats and to bake all my favourite goodies in bigger quantities (so I can share around more) all vanished! In place, I had to check on my two sick darlings, go through medicines battles, constantly temperature, cook meals and also be the comfort pillow for the little one.

Then as though I was not given enough responsibilities and worries, big K’s class had a sudden stomach flu outbreak. The kids are taken till one by one with symptoms like tummy pains, vomiting and diarrhoea. I was at maximum paranoia yet, the little girl refused to let me keep her at home. The last thing I want is to have a puking girl in the house. So, I had to load her up with lotsa probiotics and vitamins and hope for the best. Right now I am still monitoring her because last the day before 2 kids had to be sent home for the same symptoms.

This few days probably tired me out so much that last night I just KO-ed and completely DID NOT WAKE UP to check on little K’s temperature. There few days also got me very angry. Why? Well, the girls and the Mr study and work in a school setting respectively. For some reasons, the way virus and germs spread in schools in out modern and supposedly developed country can be very scary. It is so normal to hear kids sniffing and coughing and yet still being sent to schools. And all these are because parents find it hard to get leave to care for sick children or they can’t get alternative care for their children. To make matter worse, this is the festive period, everyone is rushing for time to get things ‘settled’. So, schools seem to be the best place to put the kids in.

I can completely understand. I myself was so tempted to put small K in school today because her fever seems to have settled so that I can have that 3-hour free time to go battle it out in supermarket like famine is coming soon (I really cannot figure out why CNY is like some war and we must go and stock up EVERYTHING!) But she is still coughing and wheezing. So, despite knowing she will pass the temperature taking at the entrance, I chose to keep her at home. So, what I am trying to say is, yes, I understand that sometimes we really need the kids’ school time to get our things done.

BUT what I am appealing is, can we try to wear a mask if we are sick and I mean kids, included? I think this will help a lot especially in a school setting. I know there’s this unsaid stigma about mask wearing in Singapore. And people will tend to avoid contact, but HEY, isn’t it the whole point? You want to avoid people so that the germs won’t spread so, doesn’t it make your job easier if people chose to avoid you?

I cannot stop scratching my head why our educated society has such primitive practices such as not covering the mouths when coughing and sneezing and not practising proper hand-washing (observation in the public toilets). I also cannot fathom why people feel guilt for missing work due to sickness (the Mr being one of them. He got sent back for wanting to return to work, despite fake measles being not contagious)

I can’t say I am a 100% practitioner of good hygiene. I was guilty of sending kids to school, not 100% well. But I think I will try to make it a point so that I won’t disturb other people’s lives through inconsiderate act. This CNY, my girl will be wearing a mask when visiting (if her fever completely subsided), if her coughing is still persisting. I will ask her not to cough in front of others or cover her mouth if she really can’t control (she has been taught about it all the time). Hand sanitiser will always be with me. We hate to miss the festivities but we will celebrate with some caution. So I hope everyone else will too.


I pray that…

~ meimei’s viral attack will be gone soon

~ meimei’s poop result is all clean and good

~ bronchitis leaves meimei alone

~ both jiejie and meimei be healthy forever and ever

~ my tummyache be nothing serious

~ no more virus attack my household.

Just when you thought things are better…

1. Meimei started to have rashes though PD says it’s a good sign.

2. Meimei’s colicky crying is getting worst. Just when I thought she was getting better. Now we are not sure if it’s colic or it’s the virus. Chances are, it’s both.

3. I’m down with bad bodyaches. Mentioned that meimei might have caught it from jiejie and pass to me.

4. Staycation is canceled because of

5. I’m losing sleep again.

6. I’m losing my sanity again when it was barely there.

Trauma KK!

Nope…KK ain’t the KK in my household. But the very infamous hospital.

It all started with a phone call to the hotline about paracetamol and infants under 3 months. Staff nurse over the phone said, ‘…better see a doctor. But if cannot, 1.5 ml…’ Then it was the realisation that KKH does not advocate paracetamol to infants under 3 months. So, after giving her the dosage, the worried parent sent Kaira meimei, whose fever was hovering between 37.5 to 38.3, to KKH A & E. And as expected, despite her fever has subsided due to the paracetamol, she was admitted. And business was so good there that only B2 Ward (6-bedded non air con) was available.

Horror is perhaps the best word to describe the stay. Every second I questioned if we should just leave. Why?

1. The place looked like a refugee camp.

2. We were made to repeat whatever we said to the doctor at A & E at least 2 times. Didn’t the doctor type whatever we said into the system and we did see many mobile computer stations. Don’t these people check?

3. The nurses traumatised Kaira all the time. From irritating her due to temperature taking (they still do arm pit taking?), to the stupid way of collecting fresh urine sample. (after an hour of torturing kaira, only 1 pathetic drop was collected n result was insufficient uribe sample. Irony is, we found out at Dr B that there’s actually a special urine bag designed to collect urine sample. So much for spending on all the high tech computers and systems when simple urine collection is so primitive at KK)

4. Because of nunber 2 and 3, Kaira was unable to sleep and rest. She was crying inconsolably all the time. Poor daddy had to carry her to sleep the whole night.

5. We had to tell the nurse to sponge Kaira. And even a simple sponging, she was not competent. She merely sponged the forehead!

6. Not only were the little patients unwell, their parents were also coughing and sneezing non-stop. I really think if anyone is well, they probably would end up unwell after a night’s stay at KKH.

7. Coughs and sneezes aside, the snores! Gosh!

8. I was constantly asked why did I give paracetamol. When I told them about the hotline? SILENCE!

So, the Ngs fled the moment the day breaks and off to MT E, we went.

Horrors of KKH did not end there. Apparently, all the ‘effort’ of taking urine, nose swab were all pretense. According to the discharge letter, there was no preliminary diagnosis and no tests results were found. And that’s many hours after taking the samples.

At Mt E, Dr B was the figure of reassuring calm. By a mere touch, 38 degrees celsius, she said. And she was so right! Urine and blood tests were ordered. And paracetamol suppository was administered. Results of blood test came back within an hour and it was concluded to be viral fever. Urine sample was contaminated by meimei’s stools but at least a cleverer method was used. And because of this, we could even have a proper lunch at Paragon. Blood test, diagnosis, Fever subsided, home and a happier and cooing meimei, all within 5 hours.

So, the point of contention here, can babies under 3 months can take paracetamol. According to Dr B, the paracetamol was not so much for the fever. Because it is the viral fever, the baby is enduring a lot of pain. So, paracetamol is for the pain. And once the pain subsided, the baby can rest and sleep better to battle the virus.

We were simply exhausted and at the same time, amused by the whole KK experience. And really, there’s something seriously wrong about the place.

Kaira could finally sleep after the ordeal, at home. Check out the arm, poor girl had a pretty big tube of blood taken.

Get well soon, Big Sister!

Little girl has been down since last Saturday. Fever went as high as 40 degrees and we had yet another traumatic weekend. I almost snapped for I have to also deal with a constantly crying and fussy meimei.

Apparently, what I call, the post-CNY virus is actually Croup. According to here, Croup is breathing difficulty accompanied by a “barking” cough. Croup, which is swelling around the vocal cords, is common in infants and children and can have a variety of causes. So, as defined, little girl completely lost her voice on Sunday and she was devastated by it. She simply could not stop sobbing for she has been pretty much a chatterbox. Because I have to be the one managing meimei, so to prevent the virus from reaching meimei, I have to be a bystander throughout. But I witnessed the pain she is going through ,due to the infection. My parents and hubby are also tired for they have to ensure that fever is managed throughout the nights and not forgetting, they have to also go through traumatic episodes of medicine feeding and vomit attacks. It was sponging after sponging and changing in and out of clothes due to her phlegm and mucus.

This painfully reminds me of the chicken pox ordeal, not too long ago. Once again, I am made to stand aside and do nothing. I really wish I could give her a proper hug. Somehow, I am starting to feel distance from the little girl due to the circumstance of having meimei around. Can’t help to feel really sad for we were so much closer and were basically ‘superglue’ to each other. Now I am just in a hurry to work out a proper routine with meimei so that I can spend more time with little girl before the leave ends.

In the meantime, all I ask is for my little girl to get well soon. Mama loves you very very much.

Heart all shattered…

Heartbreak… So this is how it feels.

Little girl is really going through ordeal after ordeal. My heart simply shattered seeing what she’s is going through. As though cp aint enough, her hands, legs and eyes started to swell. Horrid looking patches of red started appearing everywhere especially the face. For a moment, i couldnt even recognize her. She saw me and started fussing and i know thats my daughter calling me to give her that hug. She misses me as much i miss her. The feeling of loss and being useless is even more for I can’t even touch her, let alone, comfort her with that hug that hug that she needs. I know she wants me there for her more than anybody else.

I’m angry for it’s the loved ones who are stopping me. I know they are worried for me and the other little one but chances of me being immune is high. Yes, don’t take the risk but this is my daughter suffering. I can only hear her cry and do nothing.

A part of me died today and this could only be revived when both little girl and mr reunite. But when will the day come?

Little Missy L…still at 32 weeks

Yep…funny that my last update on Lil’ Missy L was at 32 weeks and she is still at 32 weeks 2 weeks later. Well well, as though life has not been interesting enough, our dear little girl is not as ‘old’ as we think she is. Martriach was pretty puzzled about why Lil’s Missy L’s statistics are very below the norm since dunno when and we started back-tracking.

Apparently, after the detailed scan yesterday, her statistics are all pointing that she is yet to be 34 weeks as we had initially thought. Based on the numbers, matriarch feels that she is more of a 32-33 weeks baby. Her EDD is not really 25 Jan, instead, it’s more inclined towards 2 Feb. The boo-boo is probably due to the fact that I was still breastfeeding at time of conceiving her and that my menses was not regular.

Anyway, instead of feeling rather down that EDD has been pushed back, we were rather relieved due to the latest chicken pox episode on little girl. When told of our situation, matriarch was very concerned. I have to do a paired blood test yesterday and 2 weeks later to see if I am immune to the pox. And since it was assumed that I was in the 34-35 weeks, it would mean complication if I am tested not immune, I have to deliver Lil Missy L by 36-37 weeks. But because of this LMP boo-boo, it means that even if I were tested to have cp virus in my body, I can still take medication to prevent the virus from attacking Lil Missy L! So, I guess it’s a blessing in disguise for us. Although matriarch and I feel that I am likely to be immune for I have had cp and shingles before.

So, back to the detailed scan. All is well. Little missy L has grown 400g over 2 weeks and is now about 1.8kg. Compared to little girl, matriarch also feels that this baby is a little smaller but it’s of no concern since she is all healthy and active. And yep, confirm it’s a little girl and I love her side profile very much! Wish I have a picture to show but this naughty girl is just like her sister – she must put her hands in her mouth! So, matriarch didn’t print any clear pictures for us.

So, here we are, again, in the final 8 weeks. Think what is really fun is guessing whether she will be a Tiger lady or a Rabbit one? It really can be either way. Think it will be even more interesting to see if she decides to pop on CNY eve…think everyone at hospital and helping us with her arrival will probably curse and swear at us, if that’s the case!